Monday, March 25, 2013

Why you NEED prints!

How many of you are guilty of only social-sharing your photos? You have your pictures on your phone, your Facebook, your twitter, your Instagram. Maybe you have a personal blog that you post pictures on. Or you have stacks of CD's that are collecting dust...and probably becoming scratched, damaged and obsolete. Have I called you out yet? I know I've called myself out!

At the beginning of this year, I revamped my pricing and packaging to include both a CD and a Print Credit because I wanted this to end. I knew that if my clients were anything like me, they probably never got around to actually printing any of the images off the CD that I gave them. I wanted my clients to actually have prints that they could hang up on their walls. That they could put in photo albums and scrapbooks. That they could give hard copies of to their family and friends. And I wanted those prints to reflect their true quality...not what Walmart or the likes prints up. {Don't get me wrong, I have in the past and still do get snapshots printed at these places..but for quality prints, I choose my local Professional Photo Lab.}

I found a great resource to give you an idea of what size print or canvas you should order to really make a statement. An 8x10 sounds like a large enough print..but once you physically hold it, I think you'll find that it's just not quite big enough for the wall. {Well, that really depends on where you plan on hanging it and what sort of frame/matting you decide to go with but you get my drift!}

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 {and for more size comparisons!}

So, you love your pictures and you have your what?! I am also guilty of finally printing up some of my photographs only to never actually hang them up. Okay, I'm going to go ahead and admit that figuring out how to stylishly hang frames is not my forte. I need help. And maybe you do, too! Thankfully {for the both of us}, I have a board for that on Pinterest! Go HERE for some inspiration on how to hang it!

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Oooooh-I LOVE all three of these ideas (above)! For the images on the right, you could scout out Goodwill, Salvation Army & Yardsales for cheap frames, then spray paint them {because, geesh, could you imagine how expensive it would get trying to buy all those frames at the regular store?!}.

Interested in getting some prints of your fam for your home?
 Contact me and let's schedule a session so that you can take advantage of the Print Credit that I offer!

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