Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Special Spring Sessions Now Available!

 Alright, Folks, after me talking about Reduced Rate Sessions for weeks now, I am finally ready to let you in on all the details! At first, I was going to call them "Mommy & Me" sessions..but I didn't want to leave Dad out if he wanted to join in on the they are officially "Special Spring Sessions" which will run at this special reduced-rate price through out the month of May, only.

The Details:
*Session must be booked during the month of May
They do not necessarily have to be scheduled for this month. If you would like to "hold" your session for the future, you must pay in full this month and you may schedule your session anytime in the next 6 months.

*30 minute outdoor session at a location of your choice

*10 edited digital images in color & black/white
which will be made available to you through download

*Private On Line Gallery
to view and share you images...and order prints if you would like!


Guys {and Gals!}, that's $45 off the cost of my regular Mini-Session! This is a great deal and you are sure to get some great memories captured of your family. 

Hey, did you remember that Mothers Day is right around the corner??! May 12th to be exact. Gifting one of these sessions to your mother or wife {or friend!} is PERFECT! I would say that most women have very few pictures of their families with THEM in the picture..since they are usually the ones taking the picture. 

Myself, included!
Isn't that a shame? Let's remedy that!

Gift Certificates are available!

If you follow me on Facebook, then you know that I have been experimenting with Superhero Sessions lately and, boy, have they been fun! Oh don't you worry, I will be bringing the emblem and cape to all sessions from now on!

{And bubbles..lots and lots of bubbles!}

Remember, this price is ONLY good for this month. You must book for this month or pay in full to secure the price for a date within the next 6 months.

And I know that I showcase a lot of young kiddos on here but don't you worry I cater to all families!

E-mail me to secure this price and your date!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Why you NEED prints!

How many of you are guilty of only social-sharing your photos? You have your pictures on your phone, your Facebook, your twitter, your Instagram. Maybe you have a personal blog that you post pictures on. Or you have stacks of CD's that are collecting dust...and probably becoming scratched, damaged and obsolete. Have I called you out yet? I know I've called myself out!

At the beginning of this year, I revamped my pricing and packaging to include both a CD and a Print Credit because I wanted this to end. I knew that if my clients were anything like me, they probably never got around to actually printing any of the images off the CD that I gave them. I wanted my clients to actually have prints that they could hang up on their walls. That they could put in photo albums and scrapbooks. That they could give hard copies of to their family and friends. And I wanted those prints to reflect their true quality...not what Walmart or the likes prints up. {Don't get me wrong, I have in the past and still do get snapshots printed at these places..but for quality prints, I choose my local Professional Photo Lab.}

I found a great resource to give you an idea of what size print or canvas you should order to really make a statement. An 8x10 sounds like a large enough print..but once you physically hold it, I think you'll find that it's just not quite big enough for the wall. {Well, that really depends on where you plan on hanging it and what sort of frame/matting you decide to go with but you get my drift!}

Click Image For Credit
 {and for more size comparisons!}

So, you love your pictures and you have your what?! I am also guilty of finally printing up some of my photographs only to never actually hang them up. Okay, I'm going to go ahead and admit that figuring out how to stylishly hang frames is not my forte. I need help. And maybe you do, too! Thankfully {for the both of us}, I have a board for that on Pinterest! Go HERE for some inspiration on how to hang it!

Click Image For Credit
Oooooh-I LOVE all three of these ideas (above)! For the images on the right, you could scout out Goodwill, Salvation Army & Yardsales for cheap frames, then spray paint them {because, geesh, could you imagine how expensive it would get trying to buy all those frames at the regular store?!}.

Interested in getting some prints of your fam for your home?
 Contact me and let's schedule a session so that you can take advantage of the Print Credit that I offer!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Day In The Park

I had so much fun with my Senior Rep, Julia Grace! We explored Reynolda Gardens on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I honestly don't think I could have picked a more perfect day or perfect model.

 Julia Grace acted like a pro-she knew just how to give me both the serious, smoldering eye look and the care free smile. I am always super impressed with all of my clients when I see their ease in front of the camera because I know if I was in front of the camera I would look super awkward and not know what to do!
 {Isn't that so ironic?}
I imagine that everyone maybe watches marathons of America's Next Top Model or something before their session. ;)

Either way, this girl made my job a breeze!

See, this is her "serious" look. I looooove her necklace! Purple is my favorite color .
And here's her to-die-for natural smile :) So beautiful!

This stone bridge is so pretty, I knew right away that I wanted to get it in some shots!
 It goes over a waterfall that has seen better days but it's still pretty cool.

I think she had as much fun as I did--I'm so glad that she chose me to capture this awesome time in her life. 

I can't wait to meet some new Juniors & Seniors in High School and photograph them! There is still plenty of time to get those sessions in even if you are a Senior now and are getting ready to graduate in a few months. {Yay, You!}
And with the warm weather rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to book those sessions! 

You can check out my pricing on my website  {click "The Investment" tab} and I would recommend going with the Full Session so that you have plenty of time to change outfits and locations. Want a more urban feel to your photographs? Downtown Winston-Salem offers some amazing backdrops and I'm itching to take a Senior to those locations! 

Please feel free to e-mail with any questions you may have!

Monday, March 4, 2013

What's up for this month!

I honestly can't even believe that it's March already but I am so excited for it! Spring is RIGHT around the corner (fingers crossed Spring weather follows!)! That means absolutely perfect weather and scenery for gorgeous outdoor sessions. I'm going to try to scope out some new locations and fun props for Spring sessions just to mix it up a bit.
March is also Cerebral Palsy Awareness month.
That's my girl! Always smiling!
 I'm going to be honest, I didn't really know much about Cerebral Palsy until my daughter was born with it in 2010. In a nutshell, Cerebral Palsy is an umbrella term for multiple symptoms that affects muscle tone, movement and motor skills. There is a wide spectrum of Cerebral Palsy, sometimes it can be barely noticeable in a person (like maybe they are slightly uncoordinated or need a little assistance with walking), while other cases are more severe and will require life long assistance. It is actually the most common congenital disorders of childhood.

When my daughter was born, they really couldn't tell us what set-backs she was going to have. They could assume but sometimes it is more of a waiting game. You wait and see what milestones they reach, or don't reach. There is no "cure" but there is treatment, such as therapies, among other things. I would say, in our case at least, early intervention was the best thing that could have possibly happened to her! We got her started in therapy when she was a newborn and she continues to have weekly sessions in Speech, Physical and Occupational therapies.

She has been attending The Children's Center in Winston-Salem for almost 2 years now. They are absolutely amazing there..that place is definitely the second best thing that has happened to her! She receives all of her therapies there, has made a lot of friends and her progress has been absolutely amazing.

Since March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, I have decided that 20% from every single session that is booked this month will be donated to The Children's Center. You don't have to have your session this month, you just have to book it and pay your Retainer Fee to secure your date in the future.

Also, I wanted to remind you, that I am a participating photographer for Inspiration Through Art and I offer Free Photo Sessions to any child that qualifies. You can read more about this project on their direct website (link above) and you can read more about what the session with me entails on my website (click "The Investment" tab and scroll to the very bottom of that page).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you are ready to book your session!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Newborn {and Not-So-Newborn} Sessions

Are you pregnant? Or know someone that is pregnant? Or do you have a cutie-patootie newborn in your arms right now? Or maybe even a not-so-new-born kiddo? 

Well, aren't you lucky because I LOVE kids! They are seriously some of my favorite models :)

At the beginning of the year, I introduced a brand new package that offers a fantastic deal to all the mama-to-be's out there, The Bump & Baby! You can read all about what that session(s!!) entails on my website (click on The Investment tab and scroll down until you see The Bump & Baby). 

But maybe you didn't have the time (or the energy) to try to plan a session while you were pregnant. That's okay, too! Let's get together after your little one has made his/her grand arrival! 

My Full Session is perfect for newborns and can take place in the comfort of your own home 
(newborn sessions are the only session that I currently offer indoors).

What does a newborn session look like with me? 
Well, let me show you!

 There's a whole lot of mama & baby snuggling going on.

Lots of kisses!

And enjoying the small little details that make babies so awesome, like their teeny-tiny hands...

....and itty-bitty feet!

With me, there is none of those super posed newborn shots (don't get me wrong, I do love those, they are adorable, it's just not my style.). 

I take a more life-style approach. I'm there for the nursing, for the diaper changes, for the cryings, for the comfortings, for the sleeping.

 I'm there for the real-life moments that go so quickly.

But maybe you were still too busy to plan a newborn shoot and your baby is now not quite a newborn yet...I do that, too!

My point is, it is never too late to plan a session with me!

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or if you are ready to schedule your session and I look forward to watching your family grow!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brian & Amber sitting in a tree...


Look at this adorable couple! They are so stinkin' cute!
 Before I showed off a few from their Wedding, I wanted to share some from their Engagement Session back in September, 2012.

We did the session at the High Point Public Library {at their suggestion} and while the location was not my norm {as I generally prefer outdoors for all of my sessions}, I was so happy with the end result and was glad that they introduced me to a different type of environment. This library was actually extremely ideal and with it's open floor plan and huge windows, it still allowed me to use the natural light that is my signature style. 

 Thankfully, the library allowed us to get there early before they opened on a Saturday morning because, let me tell you, it was like a bus let off at the stroke of 12 and there was a crowd pouring in through the doors. This allowed Amber & Brian to have a more intimate session with out that awkwardness when strangers are staring at you having your picture taken ;)

One last picture from the Engagement Session before I share a few from the Wedding...

Brian & Amber brought the new year in right by tying the knot on January 5, 2013 at The Historic Brookstown Inn in Downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

I was pretty excited about this-it seemed like an awesome venue! So pretty and lots of exposed brick and cool details. 

Amber and the ladies got ready in one of the rooms..I love how it takes an army to get the Bride in her dress-such camaraderie to get the job done :)

Brian was, of course, cool as a cucumber the entire time beforehand.
 If he was anxious, he sure didn't show it!
And so handsome, too! 
{I am a sucker for a man in a suit *ahem* dear husband of mine, are you reading this?! ;) }

Amber striking a pose-she was glowing the entire day!

Their first dance as husband and wife <3

And, finally, I'll leave you with this one of the gorgeous of my faves.

Amber & Brian..if you're reading this, there is a lot more where these came from, just wanted to give you a little preview while I am still editing away at them. 

Oh, and Happy 10 day Anniversary as husband & wife :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Senior Rep Event!

I am excited to announce Marci Bruno Photo's First Annual Senior Rep Event!

What's that all about, you say? Here's the deal: 

From now until February 6th, 20120, (2) very lucky Junior/Rising Senior's {attending High School in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, High Point, Kernersville or Greensboro} will have the opportunity to receive a complimentary Senior Session from me! These sessions will take place in March/April of 2013.

Senior Session's are a fun way to express your personality and are often used in your Senior Yearbook. The session is taken at an outdoor location of your choice and I strongly encourage my Seniors to incorporate your favorite clothes & props.

Here's  what these complimentary sessions include:

*45 minute session at an outdoor location
{need help thinking of a place? I definitely have my favorites so I can certainly help you decide!}
*On-line gallery of your images for you to view, order and share
*25% off your entire print order
{you can find my print price list on my website here 
click "The Investment" and scroll down to "a la carte pricing"}
*Custom Facebook banner with up to 3 of the photographs 
*Custom Facebook profile picture
*24 Wallets of (1) image to give to your friends 
{These wallets will have my contact information on them}

What you have to do:

E-mail me...NOW!
 I am only offering this to (2) people. The first two who e-mail me and qualify will receive these sessions and products listed above. 
You must be a Junior/Rising Senior in High School.
{Please note that anyone under 18 must have a parent sign a contract and be present at the session}

Why am I giving these two sessions away? 
I love photographing Seniors-they are always a lot of fun. I am excited to photograph more of them this season but I need your help to find them for me :)

As a Senior Rep for me, your job would be to spread the word! 
Tell all your friends about it, show them the pictures, give them my information. Every friend that is referred by one of my Senior Reps will receive a special deal, too..25% off their own Session {Mini or Full}, as well as 25% off of any print order-just by mentioning your name!

Oh, and if you refer (5) friends who book sessions with me, YOU get a $20 gift card!

So, hurry up!

E-mail me
with any questions or if you would like to claim one of these spots!

{Feel free to share this post if you know someone who you think might be interested :) }