Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm the kinda gal who likes to make lists...

I make lists mainly because it feels really good to scribble a nice big line through it when it has been completed. This is also the reason that I enjoy grocery shopping, it's very satisfying ha ha :)

With the new year here, I have naturally had all sorts of goals and resolutions churning in my head the past few weeks. I'm sharing this particularly to keep myself on track...once I hit "publish," there is no turning back and denying that I have made these for myself! In no particular order, here are a few of them. 

*Set a Photography Work Schedule
I need Me time. And I need Family time. And I need Work time. In some sort of particular order {to be determined..}. Having a home business tends to make it hard to distinguish when one time ends and if/when another begins. Family time gets neglected and my head starts to hurt from staring at my computer too long. 
*Blog At Least Once a Week.
No more stagnant blog! I will strive to fill my blog with useful information, fun promotions and sneak-peeks of sessions. Hopefully, more pictures than words..but, sorry, I've been known to ramble. 
{And I am already ahead of myself because this will be my 2nd blog post this week }
**pats self on back**
*Join the PPA {Professional Photographers of America}
I really wanted to do this before the start of the new year but it has not happened yet. Hopefully in the very near future I will be able to check this one off! 
{this is one of those "easy" resolutions that you make for your self so that you feel real good when you check it off early :) }

*Open a Business Checking Account
 Another one of those things that I really wanted to have completed before the start of the new year but the new year just got here so darn fast! But I think this is so important and will hopefully have this checked off by the end of this month. No more pulling from personal checking to make business purchases {which will probably make my husband happy}! 

*Remain Consistent.
In everything.
*Upgrade my Glass!
Over the years, I've upgraded my camera bodies but for some reason I have not bought a new lens in quite a while. It is definitely time to retire a few old ones! I'll be keeping my eyes open for good deals. {ooh, ooh, and I can use the money from my buiness checking account to purchase it!}

And here's a pretty picture for you to look at because you have gotten half way through my obscenely long list! Thank you!:)
*Stay Organized!! 
I live in a constant state of "organized chaos." My home office appears to be a mess {and that frustrates the heck out of my husband} but I can still find things.. Enough is enough though. I don't accidentally want to end up on an episodes of 'Hoarders" due to my lack of staying organized.
 *Build Stronger Relationships with my Clients
I want to be able to have the opportunity to watch my clients {and their families} grow! 'Nuff said.
*Work on my Marketing
In every aspect. {I have a couple of ideas to implement and I'm excited!}
*Get the Gear for a Portable Studio
Sometimes nature just doesn't want to cooperate and I don't want to have to cancel sessions {or not get booked at all} because it's raining, windy or too cold outside. I have been looking at some super cute backdrops and props that will work perfect  for indoor sessions, which I can set up at my clients home. I think this option will work and I think it will produce some really fun shots. Once I get my gear, I will need testers. 
Which means I'll be offering a complimentary portrait session for a Baby or Toddler very soon!! Stayed turned for details!!
*Start Shooting Exclusively in RAW 

I know some Photographers get really defensive about RAW. I'm not that Photographer. But I would like to step it up a notch and tackle RAW format.
*Make this year even better than last!


So, that's that. Did you make any resolutions this year? I gave up on personal resolutions years ago but I really felt that some business goals/resolutions were necessary this year.

Here's to a great year!