Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year, A {Sort Of} New Blog!

I don't think I have been this excited for a new year before. Not that last year was bad but it was just SO good and I have such high hopes that 2013 will be even better! That is a good feeling! I am looking forward to meeting new clients & keeping in touch with old ones. 

I'm excited to take on some new projects and introduce new products & packages that I have tailored specifically for my clients. I think one thing that is not that well known about me is although I adore kids and absolutely love weddings, I also have really enjoyed taking photographs of Seniors and I am looking forward to expanding on that later this year. I'm working on a Senior Rep program that I will talk about in the coming weeks and I'll be offering a free Senior Session to one lucky young adult! Stayed tuned for more info on that!

I have also added a new package to my Investment page on my website. The Bump & Baby! This package includes (2) Sessions, one for before the baby is born and one for after. I can't wait to watch families grow in these photographs! If you are expecting, no matter how many months you are now, e-mail me and let's chat! I am so looking forward to seeing lots of beautiful pregnant bellies & newborns in my near future.
On a side note, I really can't wait for my first 2013 Wedding, this Saturday! And it will also be fun to try out sneak-peeks of their wedding on the {sort of new} blog. I already can't wait to show off those pictures, the location is stellar and the Bride & Groom are soo adorable. :) If you are engaged and still looking for a Photographer, send me an e-mail and let's talk about what I can offer you on your big day.

If you haven't already, I would love for you to check out my website, MARCIBRUNOPHOTO.COM This has been consistently a work in progress for me but....I think I'm finished...for now. The first thing I want to point out is that I finally have my very own domain-Woo hoo! That was a long time coming. I also want to point out my awesome new logos! Sarah Kate Binkley designed them all for me and she went above and beyond my expectations. You can find her on twitter here. I bet she would design you a swell one, too :)

I have also added Print Credits to every single one of my Sessions & Packages. In an age of technology and digital social sharing, printed photographs are becoming a thing of the past, fast. I don't like that {and I also don't like the way that Facebook seems to butcher a photos quality at random}. I really felt like this was something that needed to be done and I was able to modify my sessions to include these Print Credits at an affordable price {which is something that was important for me!}. You need prints of your beautiful pictures, you simply do! The great thing about the credits is that you get to choose the sizes that you desire and I have found a wonderful, dependable, local Professional Print Lab who I will be working exclusively with so that means fast turn-around. But don't worry, you will still receive a cd with your images as well!

As far as this blog goes...it use to be my personal photography blog. I became so busy being a mother and working, I set this blog aside and it has laid stagnent since May 2011 (all my old posts are still archived in here, feel free to browse but also know that it wasn't a 'professional photography blog' back then). I can't guarantee that I will post regularly however, I will be using this space to elaborate on my Facebook posts, special deals that I may be running & session sneak-peaks.  Also, I know you will agree with me on this one, Facebook generally butchers the quality of most photos uploaded, so a blog is much more Photographer-Friendly in that aspect.

That just about wraps it up for today, I really didn't mean to get so lengthy with this first post but I wanted to keep you filled in-thanks for getting to the end of this post ;)

Hope you all have a Happy & Prosperous 2013!

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Jessica Lewis said...

Welcome back! 2013 *is* going to be a great year!