Thursday, March 17, 2011

before and after

My mom has these fabulous smelling flowers growing in her backyard and she brought a hand full of them over to my house yesterday. whole house is smelling absolutely Spring-tastic now.
Aren't they pretty?

For this edit, I brought the image into CS5 where I atuo adjusted the contrast and color.  I added a "white oak" texture that I found HERE  then I added a bokeh texture to just the top half of the photo ('cause I think you can never have too much bokeh!) that I found HERE. I had both of the layers blending modes set to "soft light." Then I "erased" the texture off the flower that is front and center.


Ewa said...

beautiful pictures, both of them! don't know which one I like better!

Barbara Palmisano said...

wonderful edit!

Our Typical Life said...

Great edit, love the bokeh!

Anonymous said...

Great edit. It looks amazing!