Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inspiration Strikes

I have been wanting to mess around with this little project since I saw Ashley over at Ramblings & Photos do this..but I let time slip away from me and I forgot all about it.
Then I saw that Alicia over at A Beautiful Mess did the same thing and it looked pretty darn awesome.
 I knew that I just had to finally try this.
It was super easy to do..the hardest part was finding a suitable picture to play around with.

I ended up using a landscape photo that I took last fall.
It's a bit (a lot) busy and very abstract..but I kinda like it!

This was the original photo:

I use words like "smidge" and "a bit" in both recipes and photoshop,
so to learn how to do this, follow Ashley's tutorial

Thanks Alica and Ashley for the inspiration!



deb duty said...

That is so cool! I've been wanting to try this too. Thanks for reminding me!

Heather said...

Very cool!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!!

Amber said...

So cool I've never seen this before but I"m checking it out now!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

I would have never guessed looking at the edit that the original was of trees. WOW- that came out so interesting. Love the bold spectrum of colors.

Angel Rogers photography said...

Get creative! Very neat and something to look at figure out! Call it "fine art"!

Jaimee said...

that's first glance i thought it was something physical, like a ball of yarn/string with pins or something in the middle. very cool.

fiddlehead said...

wowzers! This is awesome.... I really need to think about jumping on the photoshop bandwagon!