Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whats for dinner?

I made a yummy Sweet Potato Ravioli with a Butter Cream Sauce for dinner last night. The recipe still needs to be tweaked a little (it's missing...something) but overall I think I did a pretty good job considering this was a verrry last minute decision and I made it off the top of my head (which, I'm not going to lie, makes me very proud..I've come a looong way in my quest to become a domestic diva).
I took a lot of short cuts, so it was a lot easier and a lot faster than it sounds.
Just in case you want to try it at home, here's what I did:
*1 large sweet potato
*1/2 carrot
*won ton wrappers (I used Nasoya)
*whole milk
*black pepper
*parmesan cheese
Chop the sweet potato and carrot, microwave until fork tender. Blend until all the big lumps are out..but not too much so it's liquidity. Season to taste with sage, pepper, rosemary and butter. Spoon mixture in center of won ton wrapper. Fold wrapper to form triangle. Press edges together with fork to seal. Drop raviolis one by one in to boiling water, removing when they begin to float to top.
For sauce, melt butter (about 2 tablespoons) in saucepan, add milk, a few shakes of parmesan cheese (enough to thicken it up a little), rosemary, sage, and black pepper. To thicken sauce up a little more, add a few pinches of flour and stir.
Makes about 15 raviolis.

Like I said, it needs to get worked on..if you make it and add something, let me know!!

Oh, and halloween candy for dessert..because I have of course already opened the bag that I was supposed to be saving for Sunday.

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Jessica said...

This is off the top of your head?? I am mucho impressed!! You can cook for me anytime.