Friday, October 22, 2010

4 places in 3 days that YOU should check out too!

I have been all over the place the past 3 days..just trying to enjoy the great weather while it is here!

I started off at Reynolda Village and wandered around the gardens for a while. I frequent that place..a lot..and every time I am amazed at it's beauty. Each time it looks slightly different than the last. There were still plenty of beautiful flowers in bloom and there were tons of Monarch Butterflies and bees fluttering about. After getting my fill of nature, I took a walk down to Simply Yummy and had a, well, yummy Iced Chai Latte. That was my first time there and it was just so darn cute inside, I wish I had planned it better so I could have sat down for a bite to eat but I had to get going. I didn't get to check out the menu but I did see some delish looking desserts on the bar area.

I knew that I wanted to go to the mountains, as it is peak time to catch the awesome foliage colors. I have been anxiously watching the leaves in my neighborhood turn quickly from yellow, to orange, to red and then drop one by one to the ground. I really really really wanted to go to Grandfather Mountain before all those rich beautiful colors were gone, the trees are really in their glory this time of year..but instead we had to settle for Pilot Mountain. It was still fun and I got a few real nice shots and then we were on to our next destination..

Mount Airy! Even with me growing up in North Carolina, I had never been to Mount Airy and I figured since we would be so close by going to Pilot first then we should take advantage and check it out. It was only 45 minutes North on 52 from Winston-Salem and definitely worth the short trip. The downtown was full of antique shops, diners (Snappy's, anyone?), museums, art galleries and TONS of The Andy Griffith Show memorabilia. For those not in the know, the fictional town of Mayberry that was in The Andy Griffith Show was really Mount Airy..and Andy Griffith himself was born and raised in there. So take that, Hollywood! After doing a little sight-seeing, we ended up eating at a delish restaurant, Trio's, which was on the 2nd floor of the Main Oak Emporium on Main Street in Downtown (Snappy's had a line down the block and I'm not waiting in a line like that unless it's for Grimaldi's pizza, thankyouverymuch.). We got there for lunch and I had a yum-o goat cheese gnocchi with spinach and tomatoes in a light tomato sauce (priced at a mere $7--awesome) and my husband had an entree consisting of homemade lump crab cakes and potato salad paired with an Octoberfest beer. Oh, and speaking of eating..that morning we started the day at The Screaming Rooster (you know, the place where Mary's of course use to be..) for breakfast and was very satisfied with a lovely and fresh tofu vegetable scramble and fresh-squeezed oj. Man, we were eating like rock-stars that day. :)

Our last stop on our travels was heading in the other direction on 52 and checking out the Lexington BBQ Fest today. It was verrrry crowded, so we really just did one loop around to see what all the hub-bub was about (and of course, my husband got a BBQ sandwich) then went home. The highlight of the Fest, for me at least, was checking out the car show section. There were some puuuurty cars there and they modeled for me quite well. Oh yea, and we got a fried snickers. Which I still can't believe that I ate. And was under-impressed with it. Which is probably a good thing! By the way, if you missed the BBQ Fest this year, you should go check out Downtown Lexington anyway, it was a neat little spot that has a lot of history to it. And even if there is not a festival devoted to BBQ when you visit, you can for sure find some of the best BBQ in the area around town anyway. (And, yes, I realize the irony of me, a vegetarian, not only going to a BBQ festival but then writing about it...AND eating a freakin' fried candy

So there are the places that I have visited in the past 3 days and I have had a blast! I will be putting some new photographs on Etsy from my check back on my Shop in the next couple of days!

**Tomorrow (Sunday) I will be in Downtown W-S for the AFAS Festival.. 1-5 pm.. if you're in the area, you should check it out..there are a ton of vendors and local artists and live music. It's going on the Sunday after that too..then that festival will be done with until next May so check it out!

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