Saturday, April 2, 2011

Quarterly Top 5

My top 5 pics of baby girl Seraphina from Jaunary through March 2011.
I've posted all of these before but this time I messed around with different processing techniques/actions to switch it up a little bit (all of which were from Pioneer Woman Actions Set). 

It was so hard to choose my top 5!
In no particular order...
I love her smirk in this one.

She loves this tricycle that I push her around in on walks.  And I love that pink hat-so cute!

Even though this doesn't even showcase her whole face, I still love this one!  The cropping brings the attention to two of my favorite things-her beautiful eye(s) and her wispy hair.

This was a shot I took for her birthday Thank-You card--she was so excited, sometimes she can be such a ham for me!  Love that wild hair (as it is most times now that it's getting longer) and that toothy, big smile.

I just posted this one yesterday but I looove that blue eye and those looong eyelashes!

NapTime MomTog

Have a great weekend, Ya'll!


Ashley Sisk said...

I love every single one of them!

Anonymous said...

I love that first one and the thanks picture. Too cute!! I featured you on my facebook page!/naptimemomtog

Rachel~Wildflower Photography and a little bit vintage said...

Adorable captures! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! :)

Amber said...

There is something about capturing just the eyes that always woos me. They truly are the window to a soul. I love her hair in all of the photos.......absolutely beautiful.

Thanks so much for linking up with us!!

Courtney said...

What a clever idea for the thank you card for her birthday! I love it!! She has such beautiful eyes!! I love all the different compositions you choose :O) Thanks for linking up!

Adeena said...

I love that first one! :D

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Those eyes are just so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

BarbRiley said...

I love the last one! And, what a cute idea for a thank you card. Might have to steal that one ;-)