Wednesday, April 13, 2011

back to botany

How did I never know that the Dogwood tree comes in this gorgeous pink??
I have been making a list in my head of trees that I need to eventually acquire for my yard..and this is the most recently added one.
Also on the list are a handful of those beautiful purple Crepe Myrtles, a weeping Cherry Tree, and a Plum Tree.
My allergies are probably going to hate me even more when I finally do get all of these flowering trees planted.

P.S.Warren Baldwin, from the blog Family Fountain, has written an enlightening post that features one of my photographs.  You can check it out HERE.



Susan said...

Beautiful! I love the pink. A dogwood is also on my list of trees to someday acquire... I may now have to alter it to pink as well.

Ashley Sisk said...

In the past few years, I've seen more and more pink dogwoods. Love it.

Henrietta said...

I love the dogwoods but sadly it doesn't exist here in Finland. I have admired it many blogs around the USA.

alicia said...

This is just gorgeous!! Bravo. Happy WW!

Warren Baldwin said...

Marci - Great photograph, and thanks for the plug for Family Fountain. I've had a lot of visitors link from your blog today, so you are getting a lot of traffic here.

I put this note of explanation in the comments section of the post where I used your picture of the sun:

"About the picture: I didn't explain in the article why I used this picture. But, if you read part one, I talked about problems in an organization. I also explained more about heliotropic - plants grow toward the sun, the energy source. This picture of Marci's illustrated so well what I'm trying to write in these two articles - leadership breaking into the "darkness" of organizational (including family & church) conflict, hard feelings, negativity, etc., with a positive, spiritual energy. This picture of the sun breaking into the darkness of the forest fits so great. Thanks, Marci! Great photographers are artists with cameras!"


Barbara Palmisano said...

wonderful pink flower!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

I love the blossoms on the dogwood- so wish they would grow here. Beautiful shot!