Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

I love when I find the time, inspiration and motivation to participate in Ashley Sisks Sunday Scavenger Hunt!  Here are my takes on the 5 words for this week:
Camera Phone
This is a little blurry 'cause, well, I took it with my camera phone (and I don't have one of those fancy phones that take great pics)!  Since I get the privilege of staying home all day with Baby Girl, I am constantly snapping pics of her throughout the day with my camera phone and sending them to my husband at work so that he doesn't have to miss out on all the fun we're having!  She is getting some back molars in now, so she is seriously chowing down on her fingers and is a drool machine.

Thinking of what to capture for this word was, well, obvious..but it also brought of memories of my old film cameras that were buried away in the attic.  I know, I know..isn't that awful that I kept them up there?  It's just..when I got my first "real" digital camera (at the time, my Nikon D70), I neglected my poor film cameras because I was so excited to have instant gratification of digital in my hands.  I dug out my film cameras today, dusted them off and plan to put them back in action very soon.  This camera above though, is an antique Brownie that I have never tried to use-I'm sure there are light leaks and such but it would still be interesting to see what kind of images I could get out of it. 

By the way, for these images I used the "Vintage" Action from Pioneer Woman.  I don't know why it took me so long to download her FREE action sets but I am in love with them now!  You can get them HERE.

I use to live in heels back in my early 20's when I was single and going through my Sex and the City stage.  Now, not so much..I reserve them for special occasions and my feet now live in ballet flats and flip-flops.
I have owned these sparkly shoes forevvver.  I still hang on to them just in case (of what? I don't know..but I know that I will officially be old when I finally get rid of them).


I stood on my kitchen chair and took a pic looking down for this one.  I definitely wanted to get an abstract shot of it..'cause otherwise a chair could look rather boring.  I think I succeeded.
Btw, I used the PioneerWomans Black & White Action for this one.


Let me clarify, the ONLY reason that I say that this picture of my beautiful baby girl, Seraphina is "imperfect" is because she is totally not smiling and about 2 seconds away from ripping that headband right off her head.  I tried to have a little Spring Photo Shoot with her yesterday in our backyard and she was totally not having it and acting like a diva lol  But this shot was actually one of my favorites.


Ashley Sisk said...

These are so great but I love your vintage camera. You need to play with it...I say that except I haven't done more than look at mine.

Dorian Susan said...

Great POV with that chair shot. I love how the back rest is distorted. Sex and the City shoes...of course. I'm a function over fashion girl all the way. I too love the camera shots-very nice close ups.

Ms. Pony said...

I think the chair shot worked out really well! I also think your vintage camera looks like a lot of fun!

Nicole said...

I love the angle and shadow of your chair shot. Very cool.

leavesnbloom said...

Marci I didn't realise that was a chair at first -that what such a wonderful abstract - I love it.

Sarah Halstead said...

Great photos. Love your camera photos and your imperfection shot. So sweet!! Good talking with you last night.

Sara said...

I love the camera pictures. They're really beautiful. I also loooove those shoes.

Susan said...

I love your angle on these, especially the chair and those shoes! You did a great job on the processing as well.

julie said...

VERY cool chair shot - very creative! Love those shoes too :)

fiddlehead said...

What a wonderful set of shots! I am loving that vintage camera....and those shoes. Oh! love!

Jennifer said...

These are awesome! Like you I don't have a fancy phone either. A good old 3 year old flip phone is good enough for me. Love the perspective on the chair shot!

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