Thursday, February 10, 2011


My day in pictures..and a few words..

Good Morning!  Coffee-an absolute must to get my day started.  And what do I have here?  Krispy Kreme doughnuts??  Don't mind if I do..

Oooh, Cat.  You are so entertaining.  If only you had opposable thumbs, you wouldn't even need me.

Naptime.  Eyelids getting heeeeavy.  Going, going, gone.  Love little baby feet. num num num.

I swear I am going to get this day started..  Showertime while baby naps.  This is my medicine cabinet-kinda lame-huh?  You would be sorely dissapointed if you were snooping through my cabinets.

Yes, I really am this disorganized.  I'm just a smidge embarassed that I am even admitting what I keep hidden behind closed drawers and doors..

Lunchtime for Seraphina!  She was NOT happy that I decided to snap a pic of her lunch before I started feeding her..  But look how happy she was afterwards with a full belly and spaghetti face!  LOVE her!..she is turning ONE on Sunday!!

I am sort of obsessed with vacuuming.  I actually really enjoy it.  Something about the instant gratification of sucking up dirt.  I vacuum every single day.  Sometimes twice.  Seriously.

So I made this super-cute banner thingy to hang up at Seraphina's Birthday Party.  I printed up a photo from each month that she has been alive, glued them on to colorful construction paper and attached all of them with ribbon.  I'm going to hang it on the mantle.  Look at that cutie pie face she's making in month one!  That was her "fish face" :)

Have you tried the Honey Mustard flavored pretzels by Rold Gold?  They are deeeeelish.  Oh, and just for the record, I totally ate more than just 4 of these..

Well, actually this was more like 5-ish..I missed an hour somewhere..
Dinner time for Seraphina!  What a terrible pic to end the day with..I had a squirmy baby on my hip while taking this pic..and you already saw how she gets when she has to wait to eat (aka the lunch time pic above!).  Has anyone tried those 3-in-1 yogurt meals for babies?  Seraphina looooooves them.  She also had some bananas, a mashed sweet potato and blueberries.  This girl definitely eats healthier than me!

This is my 1st time linking up to was fun documenting my day and keeping an eye on the clock but after looking at my photos, I really didn't have an exciting day today (well, except for the doughnuts..that was pretty awesome-right?!)!

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Rebekah said...

cute set this month and now I want a donut :)! thanks for participating!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

your baby is adorable! and great way to showcase how she's grown over the year. makes me wish I had another baby... ummm... maybe not...


Karina said...

Cute Cute Cute....nothing better than babies and donuts. Loved this look into your day.

Susan said...

Krispy Kreme's rock! I love the creme filled ones. I really like the 10 on 10 idea, I'll have to try and remember it next month.

Chris Gough said...

That cat picture is so great, love your set, looks like a full day!

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

baby feet are the best, aren't they?