Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow what?

Patches waiting to go play in the snow.


For the Edit, I opened it in CS5, cropped the image, turned it in to black & white, then added a grunge texture layer (blending mode overlay) that I found here.  I added the text then took it into Picnik where I added the border.

I woke up this morning confused..obviously I didn't get the memo that it would snow.  Just a light dusting, it was gone by lunch time.  Thank  goodness. 

Just 3 days 'til Seraphina's 1st Birthday (& the party!)!
It's supposed to be a sunny 59 degrees Sunday.
Keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way.
We have a nice "barnyard" themed party planned and I would love to spend it outdoors!
I am definitely more excited about this party than my daughter is at this point ha ha



Jamie H said...

Definitely like the B&W and cropped one better! It puts the focus where it should be and is less distracting. Great edit!

Sheri said...

Check out all of those paw prints!

Barbara Palmisano said...

beautiful edit!

bek said...

Love the texture on this! Great edit!

Jbenz said...

i can definitely relate to the parent being more excited than the child about a party :) love the photos, and the after picture of your kitty is great! :)

momphotographer said...

Love your edit! very cool!

Ang said...

The B&W is great, and that texture just gives it added depth. So great!