Monday, February 14, 2011

Macro Monday


It is such a beautiful day out today! Sunshiney, warm, not a cloud in the sky. 
Too bad baby girl is not feeling too hot right now..she had her 1 year check up today and ended up getting 5 shots.  Holy mackeral.  I'm not going to lie..I nearly started crying with her-I hate seeing her go through that.  She's sleeping off the tramatic experience now and I am lusting after the sunshine through the window.

Oh, and no, these flowers are not real.  I use them to spruce up the kitchen really can't tell they're fake unless you are investigating closely.  However, I did notice that the tulips that I planted around my mailbox in the fall are starting to slowly sprout up!  Yea!

I'm hoping this warm weather lasts for at least another few days.  Or, what the heck, let's just dive into Spring already!

Here's hoping that wherever you are, it's a beautiful day too..and you have the luxury to enjoy it!
Oh and Happy Valentines Day too!


Barbara Palmisano said...

Happy Valentines Day

Lesa said...

Love it!! Looks like a painting! It is springlike here too which is lovely after two wks of horrid winter storms! Yesterday, I spotted daffodil stalks poking up-- I did the happy daffadilly dance! Yay Spring!!

Coffee Queen said...

What a pretty, cheerful flower...nice shot!