Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This is ME!
I tried, I really did, to take a real self-portrait..that wasn't just me in a mirror holding up a camera.  But..that didn't really work out for me.  So, here is me, in a mirror, holding up a camera..  I do like the effect I added to it though.  Oh, and now you now-I'm a Nikon-kind-of-gal.

...To eat less cookies.
Yea, right!
I don't know, I didn't really make any New Years Resolutions-and I don't really feel bad about that.
I have a couple of things that are bouncing around in my mind that I would like to put into action but I'm not committed enough to say them out loud..yet.
And I'm certainly not going to deprive myself of cookies.
(By the way, these are some delish snickerdoodle cookies that I made yesterday..that are almost gone..)

My wedding ring and band. 
There are lots of obvious reasons why I treasure these two things.  My husband and I picked out the wedding ring together, which may not be conventional but it was perfect for us and I got a ring that we both know that I absolutely love.  The band I received from my mother-in-law, which she got from a recent trip to Sicily (his family is very Italian) and it was a surprise..and it was a beautiful surprise (how awful would it have been if I didn't like the ring!)! 
The rings are also treasured because of the symbolism they have.  I know my husband and I can get through anything because we made this commitment to each other.  We are in it 'til the end and beyond and it feels really great to know that.

A sleeping baby..need I say more?

Turtles have been around forever.  They're kind of like dinosaurs roaming the Earth in present day.
This is Timina.  She used to be named "Timmy" 'til we realized he was a she..
She's a Red-Eared Slider and she is pretty darn cool, very entertaining.
(You have no idea how long it took me to get a shot of her that she wasn't completely blurry..this turtle is fast.)

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Warren Baldwin said...

Great photos!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love your interpretation for resolutions and your turtle photo is really beautiful. Have a great week!

Marla said...

I love your treasured shot. It's beautiful. :)

Marla @

love and life ♥ said...

Beautiful photos! I really love your This is Me shot. So cool! Love the cute little Turtle too! xo

Tammy said...

Lovely! I love the treasure shot - I picked out my rings with Hubby too for that same reason. ♥

The turtle is so cute!

julie said...

ALL gorgeous shots! Your blog is so pretty :)