Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project 365; Week 1

I wasn't sure until..right now..that I was even going to participate in the 365 project (take 1 picture every day for a year).  Sounds so much easier said than done.  But I decided to try..and not beat myself up if I miss a day here or there.  I'll be posting them each week as a set of 7. 

Set 1

Week 1 of Project 365
January 1-7, 2011
1. The morning sun has been absolutely gorgeous every morning this week.  I loved the intensity of it and the shadows it created.
2. Seraphina just checking things out...with that morning sun again!
3. "Talk to the hand, Mama!"
4. Ok, I promise, this is my last picture of the morning sun this week..
5. Making some music with her new keyboard.
6. Meow..Queen of the jungle-oh, I mean, our house.
7. These little bath toys were too cute not to take a pic of, so there.
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