Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Starry Night

Two things that I have to admit:
1) I have a ridiculously small (fake) tree.
2)I have sort of been in a photo funk lately.

No, make that 3 things..
3) I have been obsessed with the bokeh in this picture (go to the last photo) since I saw it 2 weeks ago and have wanted to play around with doing something similar just for giggles..but have been struggling with my on-again-off-again photo funk so..I just..haven't, until tonight. 

Hubby worked late tonight and I have successfully put little one to bed hours ago (thank you very much), so with some good quiet "me" time on my hands, I broke out my camera to try to take a picture of my ridiculously small (fake) tree and replicate the awesome effect that I saw weeks earlier.  Don't get me wrong, I love my small fake tree, my mother got it for us several years back when we weren't able to get a real one and Christmas just didn't seem like Christmas without some sort of tree.  It sits on the hearth next to the fireplace and reaches a height of maybe 1 1/2 feet. 

Despite the several hours that I had to myself, just me and my camera, and the Christmas lights and tree..I still didn't get any shots that I was absolutely estactic about (aagh-this do I rid myself of it?!) but this shot turned out well enough that I wanted to share it. 

And I encourage you to try it out for yourself 'cause it's fun.  It's super easy and you could try all sorts of shapes to get all sorts of effects..all you do is cut a small design in the middle of a piece of black construction paper (I cut a slightly deformed star for the pic below) and put that over your lens.  Easy breezy.


Ashley Sisk said...

I love that - and keep enjoying it.

Jessica said...

So cool! I've heard of doing that, it gives an awesome effect! Did you cut just one star, and it gave that pattern? Love it!!

carlotta said...

I have yet to experiment with shaped bokeh...but it's definitely on the list of things I want to try out :) Great shot!

Momma Morgan said...

Thanks for stopping by. That pic was also one of my first bokeh shots. Tis' the season, in deed! Love yours. I'll haveto try this. Could also use shaped hole punches!

Jess said...

You Did it!!! Looks AWESOME too! I love the star shape! Great job!!! :)

M said...

very cool. i love bokeh in unique shapes.