Monday, November 1, 2010

For the chocolate lover..

So I saw this great recipe for chocolate cupcakes on this awesome blog that I have been following lately and I knew immediately that I HAD to make them. Not only were they a chocolate (devil's food to be specific) cupcake but they were topped with a (baked on) chocolate brownie, then finished off with homemade chocolate frosting. Yes, this cupcake is not for the vanilla or weak of heart. Or someone on a diet.

I literally spent the entire day baking these cupcakes..not because the recipe was lengthy or complicated but because the only pan I had held a mere 6 cupcakes and I had a lot of batter! But I think that it paid off..they were delicious. Soo moist.

Now I can bake a cupcake but I'm no Martha Stewart..these are not the prettiest cupcakes.. I think I put too much batter in the cups because they all over flowed and became warped. Then they collapsed when I took them out of the oven..and the gaping hole I filled with icing (and no one knew the difference!). I opted for the store bought icing rather than making my own (although the recipe that she gave sounded delish..I was just feeling a little lazy)..and I actually went with a vanilla that was in those spiffy cans that you squirt out (like cheese whiz). Man, I love those things.

Yum Yum Yum..go make these now and thank me later.

Oh, also, if you like photography, then you will looooove this site, Photojojo ..I want absolutely every little thing in their store!

Let me know how your cupcakes turn out! :)

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