Sunday, November 7, 2010

the first frost and a few more things..'s been getting coooold here lately. Seems like Winter is (unfortunately) coming quick this year. I woke up (early!!..because that darn day lights savings messed up my alarm..) to a crisp cold frost that was covering my yard. I have been a big fan of shooting from the ground since last months digital photo challenge so I went outside to experiment a little. Yea, it could be a bit more exciting if there was something else in the grass..but I'm still diggin' the teeny-tiny focal plane.
I use to be scared/creeped out by cemeteries. I never walked on the grass across a grave. Even use to hold my breathe as we drove past one (I don't really remember why we would do that..). Thank goodness I am over that now because it never ceases to amaze me how there is something beautiful about every cemetery. I went and explored God's Acre in Old Salem today. Some how, even though I have been to Old Salem and God's Acre dozens of times, I had never been past the flat white graves that were in the front..I didn't even know another section existed. Well, I found it. And it was bea-uuuuu-tiful. These pictures don't even really do it justice..but it was cold out (remember..the frost!) and we had the baby with us, so we just did a brisk walk through. I will definitely be going back.

I just thought these pretty much summed up Fall...

If you haven't already, you should go ahead and sign up for this months photo hunt's only 10 words this month. I have two words down so far..I think. Here's a sneak peek of one of my words..


And I almost forgot!..I have my work for sale at another location now.. IDEAS at 606 Burke Street, Winston-Salem has 4 of my framed photographs up. This Interior Design Studio/Shop is an awesome space with lots of gorgeous things inside..everything from cushy chairs, to kitchen knick-knacks to hand-made jewlery to my photographs! I really just want to live inside of the store. You should really go check this place's just fun to look at everything if nothing else.

Don't forget to check out the Shop Local Etsy Love on the right hand side of this some love to some great local artists! And you can check out my Etsy Shop right above that, too..

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I love that soap bottle shot!! cool!