Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lil' Explorer

Seraphina just got this walker for Christmas..she is diggin' her independence and giving hell to the dog.  The morning sun pouring in the door this morning was amazing.

So, I had something slightly terrible happen to me yesterday.  My laptop crashed.  A blue screen popped up.   And then **poof** everything was gone.  I have a bad habit of just saving my photos in a folder on the desktop labeled "maked cd's of"..that folder was full, brimming with pictures of my daughter, the first snow of the season, Christmas, my trip last week to NY, family, everything ..and needless to say, I lost ALL of my photos from the past several weeks.  I think I nearly had an anxiety attack.  I had, thankfully, already uploaded all of the pics from Christmas & family to facebook, so I atleast have those on-line.  I seriously still have a heavy feeling in my stomach about losing all of those pictures.  It was very sad.

But anyway, I feel like I must see/find the good in this..  I hope that it not only inspires me to take my camera out even more to make up for my lost archive but to also start seriously backing up my stuff!  Seriously!  As for my's going to be just sitting here lifelessly for a while 'til I can get a new hard drive.  My husband has graciously allowed me to use his desktop computer, as long as I am gentle and don't break it. 

Oh yea, did I mention that this is the 3rd hard drive that I have gone through with my laptop?!  Guess I should have asked Santa to get me a Mac..


Warren Baldwin said...

That story hurts! I lost Christmas pics last year b/c I was using a new camera. When I tried to delete one picture I did it wrong and deleted all of them. Agh! Sorry it happened.

Kaitlyn said...

So adorable!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love the shot but my heart broke just a little when I read that your computer crashed. Go out and get a backup NOW!

carlotta said...

Such a sweet shot. But your computer crashed?! I feel for you - I accidentally deleted nearly ALL my photos from my trip to Paris a few weeks ago. Thankfully I was able to get them back, but did I ever have a panic attack! I agree with Ashley - *definitely* go get a backup!

Kristy said...

This is gorgeous!