Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Church Series

I guess I am sort of doing a series of Churches right now..I'm not really sure when it will be "finished" and I haven't really defined any guidelines for this on-going project of mine.  I just really enjoy taking photographs of Churches. I started with this one, then I took this one.  I finally snapped this one on Sunday..this is my Church. It's so warm and inviting and I always feel at home there.


Maple Springs United Methodist Church
2569 Reynolda Rd

 I have one texture that I looove in particular so I use it a lot..I used it in the photograph above, as well as my other 2 Church pictures. 

You can find that texture, as well as hundred of others (all free!!) here

With most of the photographs that I add textures to, I have a pretty standard process: Open in Photoshop, Auto Contrast/Levels/Color, add texture (overlay..fiddle with opacity 'til I like it), go back to original photograph layer and bump up contrast a smidge, then take it into Picnik where I add the border and text.
Oh, and with this image, I also used the clone stamp to take out that tree that was hanging out on the right hand side.


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Life with Kaishon said...

Oh Wow. I love your church. What a pretty edit.

Thank you so much for joining up with us at Communal Global. We are always so happy to have you. Merry Christmas! : )

Sheri said...

beautiful job and what a sweet church

Ashley Sisk said...

Oh I love this - churches are so beautiful to photograph!

Sue said...

I like that texture, too. Really nice!


Joni said...

This is a great edit. love how it brightened up the stained glass. beautiful.

btw... nice to meet another NC blogger.

Jessica said...

Love the photo and the edit!

Kristy said...

great texture!

Kassie said...

What a wonderful texture... made an average looking church look really cool.

Amarie said...

Beautful blues!

Natalie said...

Very lovely! Churches make for great photographs..always so peaceful and powerful at the same time!

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous!!

leigh said...

Great edit.