Sunday, November 21, 2010

Show&Tell, Macro, and a few other things...

Oh, what a great day I had today! Nothing like fulfilling myself with a bunch of friends, family & food!

I started off the day with a "Welcome Home" party for my two friends who just got back from riding a tandem bike across the freakin' country joke. They started in Florida and made their way all the way to Cali in 60 days, then took the train back to NC. Yea, they are sort of bad-asses ;) . We celebrated with lots of good food and good friends.

My hubby, baby and I then made our way to the campus of Wake Forest to just meander around, explore, take a few pics and take advantage of the beautifully warm weather that was going on. I got a great shot** of my daughter in the fall leaves..which in retrospect worked out perfectly for the paperheartcamera Photo Challenge of "the view from above." (**but who am I kidding..I think all of the pictures of my daughter are great!)

Then we made it to my parents house for dinner, where I stuffed myself with spaghetti pie and brownies! Yum! I was/am thoroughly exhausted and full by the time we made it home...but I really wanted to post these up immediately since, well, I am addicted to photo challenges right now! (and I am apparently addicted to exclamation points too as I have just noticed that 4 sentences have ended with them.. !!)

Anyway, without further ado, here is my shot..

Seraphina had a great time playing around in the leaves! :)
Sweet Shot Day

Photography love...

While at Wake Forest admiring the leaves that were still on the trees, I found this great shot to submit to Macro Monday over at Lisa's Chaos. I feel like this is the first year that I have really been amazed by the vibrant colors gracing the trees leaves this season. Literally, every time I pass a tree with those bright yellows, oranges and reds, I'm like "oooooo! I need to take a picture of that!" I just can't get enough of them.

These were just a few more shots that I got while at Wake Forest..

because, well, you know I love me some sun flare..

Alright, I honestly can not believe that I had the energy to make this post because I am truly exhausted from my fabulous day. Sweet dreams to me!

P.S. As I am new to this blogging world, I don't have that many followers..yet! It would absolutely make my day if you felt the need to comment on any of my posts and if you would pretty please follow me! :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful light and colors in the macro image of the autumn leaves.

Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful shots taken at Wake Forest - isn't it a gorgeous campus. And I love your baby in the leaves. How adorable!

Maaike said...

a great bokeh!

Ewa said...

beautiful shots!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

A tandem across the country ?! Wow.
I love your picture of the baby. He looks like someone deposited a gift in the leaves !