Wednesday, November 10, 2010

personal fave = personal best

I am totally becoming obsessed with photo challenges that I am finding on line!

The most recent one that I have come across is on the blog Photo Freak and this one had a pretty broad topic.."best photo that you have ever taken." I mean, come on! How daunting is that?! I can't even begin to fathom how many photographs I have taken in my lifetime..and I am supposed to pick just one that I feel is my personal best?! Well, I did. I think. This one might look familiar..I just posted here about it the other day but I actually played around with it since then and created a nice vignette on it now. I do love this picture.

I took this particular photograph when I was a fresh-faced, newly graduated, single young woman. I had just moved to Brooklyn from North Carolina and New York City was my playground. I had no money and not very many friends so I would spend hours just wandering around the City with my camera. Hours upon hours. All by myself, just me and my Nikon. It was pretty awesome for the most part.

I think I love this photograph not only for the beauty of the one lone bird in flight (I have a thing for birds..I love photographing them)but also for the memories that it embodies for me. New York will always hold a special spot in my heart ultimately because that is where I met my husband..the City is where we fell in love.

This photograph, Bird in Flight, is circa 2005.

P.S. Bird in Flight can also be found here :)


Photo Freak said...

i love that randome bird. Thats so cool!

Ashley Sisk said...

I think it's a wonderful capture - where abouts did you live in NC - you probably already told me, but I forgot. Another friend of mine moved from NC to NYC to pursue a musical career.

Anna Sams said...

I love the picture and the story behind it! How neat! I stopped by from Etsyprenuer and would like to follow your blog... you can follow me back if you like ;) Anna @ Moon River

elmstreetmarket said...

Your story made me smile. That's how I am with WS right now, and also why I get a lonely feeling from the photo. I feel like I'm that lone bird with his wings open among the million unknown faces. Except WS isn't NYC. Don't know if you meant it that way ;)