Wednesday, November 17, 2010

lightscoop fun

Remember when I told you that I won a lightscoop from moms with cameras?? Well, I got it in the mail finally and I played around with it..on my daughter, of course!

on camera flash w/no lightscoop

on camera flash w/ lightscoop

Pardon the mess, it was her first time having spaghetti and she couldn't decide whether she liked it or not..

I am loving the effect of the lightscoop. I am a big user and lover of natural sunlight for my photos, especially portraits. Sometimes, though, you need flash and the lightscoop gives you a nice alternative to using the direct, harsh light of on-camera flash. It is also great to not have to lug out the big papa flash that I use for Wedding Photography when all I really want to do is capture some quick, candid portraits of family and friends. Even the catch lights in her eyes look more natural.

I'm definitely going to keep this thing handy..and for all of ya'll that take lots of portraits just for the fun of, put this thing on your Christmas list to Santa.

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Audrey @ said...

what a cutie, never used a lightscoop before. might have to try it out. (thanks for the comment and just so you know the pictures I took were in utah in the ogden canyon.)